About the Program

Hannah House is an abstinence based program and participation in our program requires that people stay clean and sober. Hannah House offers a safe and caring drug and alcohol treatment program that encompasses the Twelve Step philosophy. Our treatment program provides a solid foundation in recovery for those best served by a temporary absence from their present stressful environment and for those who require total immersion in a treatment setting. We have zero tolerance for drug or alcohol use after someone has been admitted into our program.


  • Abstinence from substance abuse
  • Improved physical and psychological health
  • Improved family and social interaction
  • Improved educational and vocational functioning
  • Reduced involvement with the criminal justice system
  • Improved housing conditions
  • Increased utilization of community outpatient resources


  • Introduction and utilization of the Twelve Step Model of Recovery
  • Recognition and acceptance of alcoholism and/or addiction
  • Development of coping mechanism (relapse prevention)
  • Realization and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle free from alcohol and drugs
  • Formulization of employment and educational goals
  • Construction of a support network conducive to a successful recovery


  • Group therapy
  • Video and oral presentations
  • Reading and writing assignments
  • Medical support sessions with our team of addiction physicians
  • AA and NA meetings
  • Yoga

Hannah House uses a 60-day treatment model for the best application of our Twelve Step program. In some cases, clients may ask for an extension of time depending on their aftercare plan.

We have access to private, second stage houses that are designed to provide structure and safety after the 60-day program with Hannah House. As long as clients are making progress and adhering to the rules, they are permitted to reside there for up to two years.

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Hannah House

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