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“I recently completed my 60 days at Hannah House. That was the most AMAZING experience of my life. When I think of my a-ha moment. I still get that same overwhelming feeling of gratitude. My whole life has had a complete turn around of my thoughts and attitudes about everything. Even just a little thank you can go a long ways and it can mean a heck of a lot to some people. I so believe in paying it forward. I love sharing my story of being at Hannah House. I love the staff for all the guidance and love of their jobs. Yes. I would recommend to those who want to find themselves again. I found myself and so much great things to look forward to in my life. I AM SO GRATEFUL TO INNERVISIONS FOR GIVING ME THE TOOLS TO LIVE MY LIFE HEALTHY AND SOBER. I am at 100 days sober and loving it. Thank you again. Miss you guys.”

Dorothy S

“My entire life up until now was consumed with addiction. I was born into the world of addiction, and it was all I knew. It took me to many dark places that I shouldn’t have survived, but I did, and I’m so grateful today to be alive. I’d been to quite a few treatment centers in my lifetime, but none of them did for me what Hannah House did for me. When I arrived there, I was terrified, lost, desperate, and I felt hopeless. I hated myself, and I hated the person that my addiction brought out in me. Coming to Hannah House was going to be my last attempt at getting clean and sober. I walked through the doors on August 15, 2015, and that’s the day that my life began to change. I immediately felt welcomed and like I finally belonged. The love and support was truly amazing, and in the process, I’ve learned to love myself. Today, I’m almost 8 months clean and sober, I have my Family in my life, and so many wonderful women that have been a part of my journey. I am so grateful for Hannah House for giving me the tools to live a clean and sober life, and for the freedom that comes with it.”

Margo J

“I will never forget the day I walked through the doors at Hannah House. My life was to the point where I was unable to manage it and I desperately needed some help. I had been living a very unhealthy lifestyle for many years and over time I lost my family, friends and myself. I was never so scared in my life. I needed to change my life and in order to do that I needed to change everything in it. I needed strength and support to understand my illness so I could move forward and be truly happy. That is exactly what I found when I walked through the doors at Hannah House 2012. The staff there taught me so much but most of all they taught me how to forgive and love again. Today I live a clean, healthy life, I have a beautiful relationship with my family, a great job that I love, a place to call my own and skills to get me through those not so good days. To say that I am grateful for the supportive staff at Hannah House would be a huge understatement. They helped me change my life around. I love them for that”

Carrie E