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Women’s Second-Stage & Aftercare Program

Our Women’s Second-Stage & Aftercare Program is designed to offer continued support to women who have successfully completed the 60-day treatment program. Our second stage houses offer structure and safety, and keep clients connected with the treatment community that is conducive to their long-term sobriety.

Aftercare Planning

Aftercare planning is an essential part of the Hannah House treatment program. Before each client completes their 60-day treatment program, staff work with them to establish a custom-tailored plan for continued success in recovery. Our staff help each client to connect with out-patient resources, mental health supports, and community services in their communities so that when they return home they have these connections. Alumni are invited to continue to attend meetings at Hannah House in order to stay connected to the community.

We offer optional second-stage housing for clients to reside in after completing the Hannah House treatment program. Our second-stage housing is a highly effective resource for women in their Aftercare plans, and is recommended to any Hannah House clients who feel that a more long-term residential setting would be most beneficial for their recovery.

Aftercare Goals

  • Relapse prevention
  • Educational and Employment opportunities
  • Repairing relationships with family and friends
  • Self-esteem building

Remote Aftercare Counselling

InnerVisions offers a remote aftercare program for clients that have completed our 60-day treatment program. The program includes weekly sessions by phone with one of our aftercare counsellors. This is an opportunity for clients to maintain their program objectives, and review their progression through their relapse prevention plan that is designed with staff before completion of the in-patient program. There are also weekly remote group sessions with a facilitator that teaches and reinforces topics such as: Setting Boundaries, Assertiveness, Communication Skills, Grounding, Relaxation and Meditation, Healthy Relationships, and Stress Management.

Second-Stage Housing

Second stage residences are available for those who have successfully completed the Hannah House treatment program. We have designed a structured support system within the second-stage houses that, if followed diligently, is highly effective. Our second stage housing is a great resource for clients whose home environment is not conducive to their recovery, and it allows our clients to enhance their aftercare program by staying directly involved with the Hannah House community. Second-stage clients are invited to give back by volunteering at Hannah House and continuing to help newcomers in our program. We recommend second-stage to any of our clients who feel they would benefit from a more long-term residential setting for their treatment needs.

Educational & Employment Opportunities

We offer support in finding educational and employment opportunities through our Case Management team. This service provides guidance and support in making resumes and cover letters, job and educational institution search assistance, and employment counseling. We also offer a Front Line Worker training program through our partners at InnerStart Training & Education. This is a 3 month training program that teaches the skills needed to work in a residential treatment environment. For more information about the Front Line Worker training program, go to

What Our Clients Say

“I recently completed my 60 days at Hannah House. That was the most AMAZING experience of my life. When I think of my a-ha moment. I still get that same overwhelming feeling of gratitude. My whole life has had a complete turn around of my thoughts and attitudes about everything. Even just a little thank […]
Dorothy S
“My entire life up until now was consumed with addiction. I was born into the world of addiction, and it was all I knew. It took me to many dark places that I shouldn’t have survived, but I did, and I’m so grateful today to be alive. I’d been to quite a few treatment centers […]
Margo J
“I will never forget the day I walked through the doors at Hannah House. My life was to the point where I was unable to manage it and I desperately needed some help. I had been living a very unhealthy lifestyle for many years and over time I lost my family, friends and myself. I […]
Carrie E